The Primary School


The primary school spans grades 1-8, with children entering 1st grade when they are 72 months old.

In addition to the shared Philosophy and Objectives of the Işık Schools, the particular aims of the primary school are

  • to enable the child to realize his or her potential as a unique individual with distinctive interests and abilities
  • to enable the child to develop as a social being and gain self confidence through living and co-operating with others in a democratic environment
  • to prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.

English is the main foreign language, with German and French offered as alternatives in second foreign language learning beginning in 5th grade. The curriculum is, in general, integrated horizontally with other disciplines. Many clubs, activities, international projects, school partnerships, summer schools and exchange programs help students practice their foreign languages while bringing an international outlook to the curriculum. At certain grade levels, all students take Cambridge exams that are aligned with the Common European Framework of Languages.

Counseling service is a main strength of the school. Our counselors work with students, parents and teachers, taking a proactive approach in problem prevention. Counselors use many methods and procedures, such as surveys, rubrics, tests, group work, individual and class activities to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of students, provide psychological support in strict confidence where necessary, and help each and every one of them to function with self confidence in their lives. Families are invited to seminars on the many themes of parenting, given either by the school counselors or guest speakers.

Arts (design, painting, printing, collage, sculpture, marbling, photography, mosaics, ceramic making), music (choir, piano, violin, flute, orchestra), drama and sports are taken very seriously; within the curriculum as well as through various clubs, after school activities, participation in numerous competitions, end of year concerts and shows. Swimmers often bring medals to the school in nationwide and sometimes international events.