On December 9th, 2016, the FMV Ozel Isik High School Model United Nations club set out for its first conference of the year to represent Brazil and Canada. With resolutions in hand and formal attire packed, and four long days of debating and collaboration ahead of them, our club members set out with all the positivity a teacher could hope for.

Over the four-day Model United Nations Conference at Middle Eastern College (MCMUN '16) our students debated and aimed to resolve a number of pressing global issues, including but not limited to: globalization of health, preventing the export of arms to terrorist organization, resettling displaced persons, protecting freedom of the press and ensuring the preservation of biodiversity. These issues challenged our students to look beyond themselves and their understanding of the world, and forced them to engage others in ways that, previously, they shied away from.

While none of students received a special commendation for their participation, they all showed thorough understandings of the topics at hand, and all demonstrated an ability to work cooperatively towards collective solutions.

The delegates and the committees they worked in are as follows:


Mert Bektaş- The Future Committee

H.Nur Sertbaş- The Ambassador, The Disarmament Committee

Yağmur S. Ateş- The Political Committee

Damla Su Kocaimamoğlu- The Human Rights Committee

Pamir C.Kaya- ECOSOC

İlkim Alikalfa- The Environment Committee


Selin Emre- The Disarmament Committee

Ece Sezer- The Human Rights Committee