FMV Özel Işık Lisesi Model Birleşmiş Milletler Kulübü öğrencileri  Mileyna  Maral  Keşçioğlu ( Special Committee) ,  Hadika Nur Sertbaş ( Disarmament Committee),Yağmur Sena  Ateş( Political Committee) , Gizem Sude Duman( Environmental Committee), Sude Başmergen ( Security Council)  ve Oktay  Berk Karaata( Human Rights Committee)  11-14 Aralık 2015 tarihleri arasında Ankara ODTU  Geliştirme Vakfi Okulları  tarafından düzenlenen MCMUN  Model Birleşmiş Milletler Konferansı'nda Amerika Birleşik  Devletleri'ni temsil etmişlerdir. Çevre komitesinde görevli olan  Gizem Sude Duman,  hazırladığı kararnameyi diğer ülkelere kabul ettirmiş ve   yapılan oylamada kararname oy birliği ile kabul edilmiştir.

MCMUN 2016 SYNOPSIS                    

MCMUN 2016 provided the MUN Club of FMV Isik Lisesi- Nisantasi a tremendous occasion for growth, both personal and academic, through the analysis of issues that pervade all aspects of our world.  Furthermore, the students of our club made friendships with eager and informed peers from cities the country over, friendships they plan to preserve in the years to come.

As the delegation representing the United States of America, our students had the privilege of representing the interests of one of the world's preeminent powers, and in so doing, played a primary role in negotiating solutions to the world's most pressing issues.

While four of the six delegates were new to MUN, the conference was an overwhelming success. Sude Basmergen, our delegate to the Security Council, played a vital role in the debates by challenging the stances of others and defending her own with voracity. Gizem Duman successfully negotiated and submitted a resolution to the issues plaguing hydroelectric dams in her role within the Environmental Committee. Although it was Berk Karaata's first conference, he showed an aptitude for defending his stances on several issues, deftly responding to any and all inquiries directed him. Mileyna Kescioglu had the unique opportunity of representing Ronald Reagan in the Special Committee on the Berlin Wall, an opportunity she seized and made her own.  Nur Sertbas represented the US in the Disarmament Committee and reported that the experience benefitted her greatly. Yagmur Ates was our delegate to the Political Committee, a committee that entertained lively and intense debates. In short, our students encompassed a range of familiarity with MUN and had differing experiences at the conference, but all took valuable skills and memories home with them.