Hip…..Hip…. Hooray. Three Cheers for Year 3 Show Day!

Year 3 students proved that they not only have amazing English but dramatic talent too.

The Year 3 Show was a wonderful success.  The students presented a medley of performances including some jazzy raps, a skit and a range of extended plays.

 'Not like that, like this!' performed by 3C had poor Dad get his head stuck in a fence.  A range of people along with their quirky ideas tried to get Dad's head out.  These ranged from tickling Dad, tying him up with skipping ropes, smearing butter on Dad's head and karate chopping the fence!  It was  the students combining their ideas and all working together that  eventually freed Dad from the fence only for Dad's daughter Thomasina to get her head stuck in the fence straight after Dad got out!    

What do you get a King who demands his royal papers?  3A showed us in 'The King's Royal Papers' it isn't gold paper, the recipe for the King's favourite cookies or a Justin Bieber poster but ….. toilet paper!  This performance was perfectly acted and a true comedy leaving the audience guessing right to the end.

Is it possible to keep a secret?  3B showed us in their performance 'I know a Secret' that a secret just can't be contained especially when you can bribe  someone with waffles, hypnotize and tickle them and let them  join your dance group in return for telling the secret.  Ada's secret goes around the class like wildfire.  But it isn't just the students that can't keep a secret.  The audience were curious and couldn't wait to know what the secret was but didn't get the chance to find out as the students so perfectly reminded them, 'You never tell a secret.  Shame on you!'


The skit 'Bill' performed by 3A put a smile on everyone's face as poor old Bill was confused right until the end, thinking he lost his guitar and dog and his sister had  an accident only to remember he didn't even have a guitar, a dog or a sister. It was with the exciting news that he had won the lottery that Bill finally realized his name was in fact Can and so he hadn't won the lottery!

Drama is a very effective language learning tool with rehearsals and performance putting the students' speaking and listening skills into overdrive.   Importantly it also builds confidence and self belief resulting in a true sense of achievement.  The stage has a unique and special power which our students felt today.

The students also contributed to the playscripts by adding their own ideas to make the performances a true reflection of their own personalities and experiences.

Today the year three students proved that English is a powerful medium as they expertly entertained to make the audience laugh, think about their own actions and also taught them something new.

Thank you to all the year three students for such an amazing performance and for bringing English to life!