Ethical Dilemmas Challenge

Our 6th and 7th grade students discussed ethical dilemmas in the "Ethical Dilemmas Challenge". There were four teams, and each team consisted of two 6th grade and two 7th grade students. Each group was given an ethical dilemma to discuss amongst themselves for 15 minutes. They chose their spokesperson and defended their ideas in front of the jury and the audience. Meanwhile, the audience of 6th and 7th grade students, discussed the same cases in groups. After each team of participants made a speech on their case, the audience asked them questions. The jury judged the participants on both content and delivery. In the end, the participants and the audience were awarded with Certificates of Participation. The winners were Cansu Aşkar from 6A, Emre İnal Kesim from 6A, Filiz Göllü from 7A and Uras Somer from 7B. Congratulations to everyone!