Year 3 Scavenger Hunt

Year 3 students went on a hunt for answers today for a list of very unusual questions. For our annual 'Q & A Scavenger Hunt' the students  found out our school secretary has a dog called    Çakıl, that there is a second hidden fish tank in the school, how many lights are in the school canteen and not only where Miss Bakır lives but that she has a cat called Peanut.  To find these answers and many more the students not only needed their eyes and ears wide open but their English brains fully switched on! 

This activity put a very clear focus on why the students are learning English -  to communicate. English has an added and very real purpose when we take it beyond course books and the classroom. For this activity the students used their English to learn something new, to ask questions and also to clarify and reconfirm answers.  But any activity calls on a range of skills with students needing to work as a team, combine their talents and apply some strategic planning in order to successfully find  answers all over the school to almost twenty five questions.

Today's activity not only had the students learning and using English but more importantly having fun at the same time!