Year 3 English Brainbusters' Challenge!

There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in our students.  Today year three had nine challenges to contend with.  Ranging from vocabulary tasks including making a word chain, listing all the words linked to a topic for the word association activity and making endless words from a series of letters the students called on their extensive vocabulary repertoire to complete each task.

The pressure was well and truly on today as each task had a time limit of only a few minutes.  Students had to think on the spot.  The students' speaking skills were especially impressive as they gave information about minibeasts and explained the odd one out from a series of words. Writing and spelling also featured today to complete the vocabulary challenges and write thought bubbles for a series of funny photos.

Today's activity not only called on the students' knowledge of English and what they have learnt so far but also called on critical thinking skills and emphasised the importance of teamwork.  Each class tackled their respective challenges in groups of three to four needing to co-operate and share their knowledge to successfully meet each challenge. 

Most importantly, today the students had fun with English and by engaging all four communicative skills were able to contribute to the tasks at hand.  Students got to hear the English of those from other classes with performing in front of your peers always being a strong motivating force.  Unfortunately there can only be one winner and today it was 3A. 

Congratulations go to all the year three students today for successfully rising to the Brainbusters Challenge!